Securely mounts in seconds using the CD player slot or A/C and heating vents for an unobstructed windshield. It’s portable and easy to store. No tools required.

Don’t get fined! California and Minnesota already have motor vehicle statutes regulating the usage of GPS devices on windshields. New Jersey may be following suit. Fines up to $100 are being issued.
Avoid getting caught.*
Avoid break-ins! Remove the possibility by not having the telltale ring of the suction cup left on your windshield. It’s portable and easy to remove and store safely out of view.
GPS EZ Mount™ is Made in U.S.A.!
Move your suction cup mounted GPS for an unobstructed windshield The GPS EZ Mount™ will fit securely into any CD player slot without damage to the unit. A CD can be played while the mount is inserted.
Dashboard mount your GPS unit The GPS EZ Mount™ will fit into most A/C or heating vents, whether horizontal or round. No complicated instructions to follow, no tools or hardware needed, and no modifications to your vehicle.
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This product is Made in U.S.A.

*Enforcement of your state’s regulations may also be at the discretion of the officer should you be pulled over.